Aluminum Cut-out Adjustable Handlebar

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AELLA aluminum variable handlebar for BMW R 1200 GS

aluminum variable handle that realizes the ideal position of the rider

Aluminum variable handle designed from the accumulated experience of AELLA for a long time is used to reduce weight and alleviate excessive hard feeling by bold flesh removal in certain parts, while on the other hand for rigid feeling and vibration reduction Aluminum is used as a mass and familiar with aluminum material, making it fully made use of the advantage of cutting out.

While riding is always a very big item of custom feeling only in the part that goes into sight, things that are required of motorcycle parts are not just looks.
AELLA's most obsessed is creating a comfortable riding position. It is because I know that an unreasonable fatigue-resistant position leads to sustainment of concentration and improvement of running quality, and as a result leads to prevention of accidents that should have been prevented.
· Completely designed 3 Handle position (aperture angle) variable
· Switch box positioning hole drilling completed ·
· No cable or hose replacement required

Product specifications

■ Position: Pure handle width 835 mm
Aperture angle 22° Width / 786 mm high / 7 mm lower front / 2 mm
Aperture angle 20° width / 794 mm high / 9 mm lower back / 4 mm
Aperture angle 18° width / 800 mm height / 11 mm bottom depth / 9 mm
* Compared with genuine handle, the maximum width is 49 mm narrow and the height can be set 11 mm lower. Also you can adjust the height by exchanging the spacer according to your preference.
* Usually we use 2mm spacers, but there are 7mm, 12mm available.

■ Compliant model
R1200GS LC ('13 ~)
※ Please note: Since the adventure is a wide screen, the screen and the mirror will interfere when the handle is turned off. In case of mounting it is necessary to angle the mirror slightly ahead, but depending on the position of the handle position etc. interference can still be avoided. (Please check the upper sub image.)

About Handle Spacer
Standard comes with 2 mm. Others, 7mm, 12mm are available. Changing to 7, 12 mm at the time of purchasing the handle is free.
In addition, when purchasing additional, you need 380 yen (tax excluded) for 1 spacer + bolt. If you wish, please state that at the time of purchase.

■ Color
White / Black

It corresponds to spot alumite (premium order)!

We will dye and deliver the alumite color of your choice from all 15 colors. (¥ 8,800 / 1 color~) Please ask the staff for details.
Alumite Details → http://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00000N10933.html


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