Riding rearsets for Panigale V4

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Riding Rearsets Kit for Panigale V4


Designed exclusively for V4. In the examination, not only in urban areas, but also on the circuit. It has numerous advantages that you can concentrate on driving, including accurate operation, direct feeling, and optimized choice of position.

● Position (genuine ratio) In the case where the step bar mounting position is changed before.
· Front 10 mm / Bottom 0 mm
· Front 10 mm / Down 10 mm
· Front 20 mm / Lower 0 mm
· Front 20 mm / Bottom 10 mm
· (Front 30 mm / Lower 0 mm)
· (30 mm before / 10 mm below)


CNC aluminum scraping out

The exact operation feeling brought about by high rigidity realizes a not-higher step work such as firm loading, every operation is clicking.

Both step bar position adjustment mechanism

There are two mounting positions of the step bar in the front and back, and it is possible to move the step position 10 mm further forward. Thereby enabling further fine adjustment.

Both pedal tip variable type

You can shorten the pedal tip by up to 10 mm so that it fits even a small rider. In addition, the pedal tip has a detent mechanism and the possibility of falling off is very low.

Change pedal Independent adjustment formula

It is possible to independently adjust the pedal height after changing the auto shifter's entrance condition with the rod on the change side.


Both pedal moving parts Double bearing structure / block pattern adoption of step bar / adoption of L-shaped brake pedal / compatibility of rigidity and weight saving / reverse change correspondence (Shift rod mounting position The same specification as just changing it)





* It corresponds to special alumite (premium order)!

We will dye and deliver the alumite color of your choice from all 15 colors. (¥ 8,800 / 1color~) Please ask the staff for details.
Alumite Details → http://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00000N10933.html

※ Prices vary depending on the number of colors. Please contact the staff.
* Depending on the specifications of the product, shift rod other parts will be only white alumite, please understand.


● Premium Order How to Order

· Please select "Premium Order" color of this product and add it to the cart.
· Choose your favorite color from http://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00000N10933.html , and in the cart Please add it. If you would like more than one color please contact our staff because prices are different.



You can purchase parts separately. Please download from below and see.


Panigale V4 Rearsets Kit Exploded View (PDF) DOWNLOAD


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