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[Specification] Smartphone Correspondence

It smartly mounted motorcycle exclusive navigation!
It is mount by fastening the high rigidity aluminum cut-out bracket to the handlebar bracket.
It is possible to use Navigation without disturbing the visibility of the indicator in the center by making the position of Navy bracket the left part of the bracket.
It is possible to move the position according to your preference because the two arms that make up Navy Stage are movable.
It is possible to adjust the angle of the navigation screen to an easily viewable position because the exclusive pedestal is also a movable type with a hinge spec.
It is designed so that the arm avoids the stay of the OEM screen, and it is possible to install the screen and Navigation bracket at the same time.
It is a touring essential item!

It is an item that made it possible to install a commonplace smartphone holder (TM - C 004, sold separately) by setting the top plate (AE - 77000 - OP) for mounting the smartphone holder in the navi - base base of the normal version (Jupiter, Garmin).

*Please set TM - C004 (bicycle smartphone holder) in this product when installing the smartphone.
[TM-C004 (Universal Smartphone Holder)]
TM-C004 is a KEIMA tech mount series.
The corresponding smartphone of TM-C004 can be used basically if the size matches other iPhone 5/5S/6/6Plus but it is possible to insert a charging cord during installation on the iPhone.

When the minimum width is 57mm and the height is 122-150mm.
When the minimum width is 88mm and the height is 146-175mm.
The size is a reference value, and the use range is approximately 3mm depending on the thickness and square shape of the main body.
There is a possibility that it will not enter if you are mounting a thick case.
*It contains navigation bracket for Jupiter and Garmin in the photo.
*The navigation body is not included in the product.
*The top plate of the regular version is not included.
*This product is only performing TM-C004 fitting test. The installation of other brand product is not guaranteed. In addition, we can not answer your inquiries with regards for installation of the other brand product.
*The product on the photo uses a [iPhone6 PLUS].

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