Aluminum Clutch Release Cylinder EVO (28mm diameter)

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[Material] Aluminum

Push Rod Anti-rotation Specification
Laser Marking Logo Stamp

Banjo Bolt: P1.0

Push Rod Anti-rotation Specification (AE-38010 Successor)
(It can also be used for the special design "AE - 38012" for Diabel.)
Evolved EVO
It is Weight Reduction to the limit, a compact smart body without any other examples.
It is a change to a newly designed clutch piston shape, and you get a different dimension of operability with the adoption of alignment ball.

It further improves sealability.
It is Kashima Coat clutch piston (Hard lubricated Anodized) →It improves operability.
It is a marking of the logo by laser marking.

For example, in the case of a vehicle equipped with a Φ12 master cylinder, it is possible to reduce the grip strength by about 25% compared to the normal Φ26 release cylinder.

* Applicable to models later than MY2001. (Does not fit to models prior to MY2000)
* Image shows Φ 30 type. (If it has grooves or lines on the chimney area connecting the hose, choose Φ 30. If it doesn't, choose Φ 28.

■ Note
There are two types of piston diameters depending on the model year or model type: Φ13 or Φ12. If you are matching it with Φ12 clutch master cylinder, the movement might become dull depending on the clutch condition.
Especially when using it on vehicles with square tank type clutch master cylinder or clutch master cylinder without lever adjusting structure, the clutch becomes dull due to the lack of piston stroke caused by the replacement of release cylinder.
This dull movement will be somewhat better if you break in the clutch disc and set the lever at a distance (in case it is a master cylinder with lever adjuster). Still, refer to the following information and select the size:

You prefer light operation even if the movement becomes somewhat dull: Φ30mm
It is good if the operation is lighter than the OEM part, and you do not want it to become dull: Φ28mm

Vehicles which Φ28mm type is recommended:
* Vehicles with square tank type clutch master cylinder
* Vehicles with clutch master cylinder without lever adjuster
* Superbike Series

* Even if it is included in the above mentioned model types, you may be able to improve the dullness of the clutch by replacing the lever to ones with adjuster. (depending on the model type).

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