Rear set kits for Multistrada1260 / anodized (no color/ black)

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AELLA Riding Step Kit for DUCATI Multistrada 1260

Use the Auto Shifter to its fullest.

※ This is the specification (polished as it is).
Please see AE-10090 for products with alumite finish.

Designed specifically for Multy Strada 1260. In examination, we inspect not only urban area but the scene of long touring.
AELLA quality step kit with a number of advantages that allow you to focus on driving, such as accurate operation, direct feeling, and optimized four positions.

Product specification

■ Position (Genuine ratio)

・ Front 15 mm, top 0 mm or top 10 mm
・ Front 25 mm, top 0 mm or top 10 mm

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CNC aluminum cutting

CNC cutting that shows the attention everywhere so as to nail things you saw. AELLA believes that the beauty that comes from the end of its functions is what impresses you.

Cutting on the reverse side is also thorough

Sticks can be seen on the back side of the calculated traces. The wall thickness given to provide rigidity and its contrast, which has been swept to the limit, is the "result" of AELLA.

Set the position of both pedals outwards margin: 10px; width: 260px; "

Improve the empty swing of the toe by putting the pedal tip on the brake side and the gear-shift side outward by +10 mm compared with stock. You can concentrate more on riding by giving room to your foot placement.

Two pedal tip variable type

The pedal tip can be shortened by up to 10 mm to fit smaller riders. In addition, the pedal tip is equipped with a detent mechanism, so the possibility of falling off while traveling is very low. (Use screw fixing agent)


Both-pedal movable part double bearing structure / block pattern wide step bar adoption / L-shaped brake pedal adoption / Weight reduction and balance removal / reverse change compatible (shift rod mounting position) All positions can be selected with the same specifications as the genuine only changing the position)

Supports special anodized (premium order) !

We will deliver by dyeing the desired anodized color from all 15 colors. (¥ 13,000 / color ~) Please ask the staff for details.
For details on alumite, see & → http://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00000N10933.html


■ How to order

-Add this product to the cart.
-Select your favorite anodized color from the above spot color alumite page and add it to your cart.

* This product can also be double anodized.
(Example: Heel guard is red, others are slate gray, etc.)
If you want double anodized,


Add to your cart. Details will be exchanged by e-mail, and we will exchange it several times, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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