Riding rearsets for StreetFighterV4: Machinning finised/ Special anodized colors

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AELLA Riding Step Kit for DUCATI StreetFighter V4

The auto shifter is even smoother. Superb operability and easy bike control position.

Designed exclusively for Street Fighter V4. In the examination, we verified not only in the city area but also in the circuit.
A step kit packed with AELLA quality, with many advantages that allow you to concentrate on running, such as accurate operation, direct feeling, and optimized 9 positions to choose from.

Product specifications

■ Position (compared to genuine)
-- Front 30mm/Top 10mm
-- Front 30mm/Bottom 0mm
-- Front 30mm/Bottom 10mm
-- Front 40mm/Top 10mm
-- Front 40mm/Bottom 0mm
-- Front 40mm/Bottom 10mm
-- Front 50mm/Top 10mm
-- Front 50mm/Bottom 0mm
-- Front 50mm/Bottom 10mm

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■ Compatible models
Street Fighter V4/V4S
When installing the Ducati Performance Akrapovic full exhaust,
Please remove the right heat guard stay (BK alumite product).

CNC machined aluminum

The accurate operation feeling brought about by high rigidity realizes a higher-grade step work such as a firm load being applied and each operation being clicked.

Both step bar position adjustment mechanism

There are two mounting positions for the step bar in the front and back, and the step position can be moved 10 mm further forward. It enables further fine adjustment.

Variable pedal tip

The pedal tip can be shortened by up to 10mm to fit riders with small feet. In addition, the pedal tip is equipped with a detent mechanism, so it is very unlikely that it will fall off.

Change pedal independent adjustment type

On the change side, the pedal height can be adjusted independently after optimizing the degree of entry of the auto shifter with the rod.


Double bearing structure for both pedal movable parts/Block pattern step bar adopted/L-shaped brake pedal adopted/Lightening that achieves both rigidity and weight reduction/Reverse change support (shift rod mounting position All positions can be selected with the same specifications as the genuine one just by changing)

Color: Machinning finised/ Special anodized colors


Supports special anodized (premium order) !

We will deliver by dyeing the desired anodized color from all 15 colors. (¥ 13,000 / color ~) Please ask the staff for details.
For details on alumite, see & → http://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00000N10933.html


■ How to order

-Add this product to the cart.
-Select your favorite anodized color from the above spot color alumite page and add it to your cart.

* This product can also be double anodized.
(Example: Heel guard is red, others are slate gray, etc.)
If you want double anodized,

https://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00159N11250.html Add

to your cart. Details will be exchanged by e-mail, and we will exchange it several times, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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