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Riding rear set kits: Machinning finised/ Special anodized colors (kawasaki Z900RS)

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AELLA Riding Step Kit for KAWASAKI Z900RS


Designed exclusively for Z900RS. What are the benefits of a sporty riding position?

The Z900RS is a bike with the concept of city riding, but the light ride is also a fun bike for sports driving such as winding roads.

At AELLA, the positioning has been moved slightly backward and up so that you can enjoy more sports riding. You can enjoy sporty riding while respecting the original concept of the bike.

Product specifications

■ Position (compared to genuine)

- Rear 10mm / 20mm, top 10mm / 20mm (4 positions in total)

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◆ Compatible model

Kawasaki Z900RS / Z900RS cafe
* Only forward change is supported (reverse change is not possible)
* Center stand cannot be used

* Compatible with vehicles equipped with AELLA & times; Waiban collaboration muffler in addition to STD muffler, but compatible with other mufflers It has not been confirmed.


◆ Color
Polished (not anodized)

AELLA original step bar

The step bar, which has been redesigned from the knurled type with diamond eyes, promises a stable grip even on rainy days while allowing the movement of the foot moderately.

L-shaped pedal

The L-shaped pedal has a unique shape that takes into consideration operational mistakes during banking. It is finished in a "lean design" that is a combination of rigidity and weight reduction.

Variable pedal tip

The pedal tip can be shortened by up to 10mm to fit riders with small feet. In addition, the pedal tip is equipped with a detent mechanism, so it is very unlikely that it will fall off.

Large heel plate

A large heel plate that firmly supports your heels even when you step work with your toes. It is designed with attention to detail such as chamfering and makeup carving, and it does not look so unfashionable.


Double bearing structure for both pedal movable parts / Lightening that achieves both rigidity and weight reduction / Adoption of pedal tip rubber with different hardness on the change side and brake side

Supports special alumite (premium order) !

We will deliver by dyeing the desired alumite color from all 15 colors. (¥ 13,000 / color ~) Please ask the staff for details.
For details on alumite, see → http://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00000N10933.html


■ How to order

-Add this product to the cart.
-Select your favorite alumite color from the above spot color alumite page and add it to your cart.

* This product can also be double colored anodized.
(Example: Heel guard is red, others are slate gray, etc.)
If you want double colored anodized,

https://shop.aella.jp/item/IS00159N11193.html Add

to your cart. Details will be exchanged by e-mail, and we will exchange it several times, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

AELLA can be purchased from a single screw and can be used for a long time.

Parts can be purchased separately. Please download it from the following.


Kawasaki Z900RS / Cafe Riding Step Kit Installation Manual (PDF) DOWNLOAD


How to order

* Please note that you can only purchase parts by "bank transfer" or "cash on delivery".

When ordering,
the required part number and quantity, color if any, and
name, destination, and phone number inquiry form and send.
The person in charge will inform you of the amount etc. by e-mail.
* Please note that in the case of bank transfer, we will make arrangements after confirming payment.

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